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Storyline The story revolves around a pampered young boy who is in love with a middle-aged widow who teaches piano to small kids. The main plot begins with the son of the chief minister of a state and the other protagonist arrives there to learn something. The boy is being indulged by his parents as he is the only son of a state chief minister. He is taught to do much more than expected of a son. He travels with his mother. The boy is not happy with it. The widow teaches piano to small children and along with her goes the son of the state chief minister. Release The film was released on 28 October 2012. The film opened to good reviews and had a decent opening. References Category:Malayalam-language films Category:Indian films Category:Films directed by Kannan ThammaGenome-wide association study of body weight in Japanese Black cattle. The current study aimed to identify genetic markers associated with body weight in Japanese Black cattle (JBC) using a genome-wide association study (GWAS). Body weight of 8,517 Japanese Black cattle was measured twice over a 5-year period and is available from the Animal Genetic Resources Information System. Each animal had been genotyped using Illumina BovineSNP50 BeadChips. A total of 53,168 SNPs were included in the GWAS analysis. After quality filtering for the SNPs, 29,011 SNPs were used in the GWAS analysis. A GWAS was conducted using the EMMAX method, and three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with body weight were detected. The SNP identified by the GWAS, rs110608717, is located on chromosome 29 (BTA29: 42,349,512 bp-42,345,822 bp) and is predicted to be located in an intron of the PRKAA2 gene. The SNP identified by the GWAS, rs116994412, is located on chromosome 12 (BTA12: 15,426,331 bp-15,426,510 bp) and is predicted to be located within the CXCL12 gene. The SNP identified by the GWAS, rs110609231, is located on chromosome 21 (BTA21: 55,283,843 bp-55,283,431 bp) and is predicted to be located in an intron of the NCAM2 gene

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